National Poetry Day

On the 1st of October, we marked National Poetry Day by creating acrostic poems about body sensations, as part of our Emotion Works Programme.

Trembling fingers.
Eyes are sore.
Nervous in front of an audience.
Sweaty cheeks.
Exploding tension.

by James

Nobody can tell how I feel when I’m nervous.
Enormous butterflies flying in my tummy,my face starts to turn
Very horrible pins in my head when I think.
Only I know how i feel,nobody else.

by Morven

Sometimes when I get scared I feel like I’m going to
Cry, my heart races as fast as a motorbike. I feel
Agitated and worried. I want to
Run a marathon to get away. I think I might
Explode from worry. I feel
Deceived by nerves as I quake in fear…

by Ossian

And my stomach churning,
Racing heart,
Tummy starts hurting,
Lump in my throat,
Eyes start getting stingy,
Dry lips.

by Isla N.

When I get worried, I
Run away and hide. My heart
I sweat
Every time I
Don’t think straight

by Morgan


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