P6/7 pupils are highly commended!

I am so proud of the work P6/7 have been doing as part of the Emotion Works Recovery Programme. Emotion Works recently held a competition, and asked pupils to share what they have learned and how it has helped them in their learning or wellbeing.

As well as positive feedback on our class blog, two P7 posters have been selected as runner up and highly commended entries. Congratulations to Meadow, Ava, Rowan and Sophie! Please see the link below for more information (you need to scroll down a bit to see the runners up and then the highly commended section.)

Meadow and Ava are quoted on the Emotion Works website!

Outdoor Art!

Miss Brown led an excellent session in Craigmonie Woodland this morning. We started with 2 games linking science with listening skills: “Bats and Moths” and “Parents and chicks.” Can your child explain the rules of each game? Can you guess who were the bats and who were the moths?

Having looked at some of Andy Goldsworthy’s artwork before we left the classroom, P6/7 pupils worked in pairs or trios to gather a range of natural materials for their art and design pieces. They then chose a location for their piece and set to work!

After about 20 minutes, they had created 7 very different pieces. Can you make out what they are? In no particular order, we had model bridges and walls, a deer, a man walking through woodland, a house, a night sky and a sunflower.

A very creative morning!

We’ll return to the woodland on Tuesday 8th December.

#creativity #outdoorlearning #LfS #nature

Sharing our learning about how emotions work

P6/7 have been working hard to create posters and presentations to share what they have learned during our emotion works lessons. They worked in pairs on their own designs, showing how learning about the “5 cog” model has helped them in their wellbeing and/or learning.

We haven’t quite finished presenting them to each other, but the pupils have been really supportive and have given each other helpful feedback.

One of the major benefits has been lots of discussion about regulation strategies, so that we know what to do if we feel overwhelmed by our feelings.

Here are some of our posters:

and here are some of the Google Slides presentations:

Newsflash! We discovered on Tuesday afternoon that Meadow and Ava’s bicycle poster has been selected as one of 10 runners up in the national Emotion Works 5 Cog competition! P6/7 will receive a set of cog cards for classroom display. A huge well done to Ava & Meadow!

Pupil Profiles

P6/7 pupils are maintaining their pupil learning profiles using a Google Site on their Chrome Books this year. The site includes sections on “What stuck with me this week,” Wider Achievements out of school, Learning Conversations (evaluations related to a personal target) and end of term profiles.

End of Term Profile – Term 1

Last term, they wrote a learner’s statement for their end of term profile, and Miss Mullin provided 3 stars and 3 wishes. There is a section at the bottom of the end of term profile for a parent comment.

If your child hasn’t already shown you their profile, please do ask to see it. They will show you it on their Chrome Book.

Woodland activities

Yesterday afternoon whizzed by in the woods!

After a brisk walk, we played a version of Hide and Seek called “Flood, Freeze, Camouflage!” Then we identified the different types of trees by looking at their leaves.

We found several oak trees that we estimated to be very old. We worked in pairs with measuring tapes to try to measure their circumferences, but we soon found that our measuring tapes were too short, so we had to combine forces.

On Thursday, we’ll use a division formula to work out a more accurate estimate of their ages. You can find out more about the maths this activity is based on at the link below: https://www.owlscotland.org/images/uploads/resources/files/measuringtrees2.pdf

We met some local people out on their health walk. One gentleman explained that there is a tree with an incredibly thick tree trunk a bit further into the woods.

Can you find any old, or even ancient trees, in the area where you live? Click on the link below to find out more about ancient trees.


Miss Brown

Last week, we welcomed Miss Brown to our class. She is a student teacher, and is with us for 5 weeks. She played games to help to get to know all about us.

Last Thursday, Miss Brown helped us to improve our batting and fielding skills in rounders. We need to keep working on our fielding tactics!


Each week, Miss Mullin teaches P6/7 a different mental maths game. When we returned after the October holidays, we learned how to play “Squiggle.” You can use this game to practise mental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We used it to practise our recall of multiplication tables.

Perhaps the P6/7s could show you at home?

There’s also an instruction video in the family learning section of the school website: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ayw2niZ4VPtCE8t2fZzqVBUd9WMJeLkN/view?usp=sharing

Virtual Chess Club: November Competition

Glenurquhart Primary Chess Club is now held online on a Wednesday afternoon from 4pm-5pm.

The focus on a Wednesday is FAST CHESS. Let’s see who can make good decisions under pressure of time!

The top 3 fast chess players for the month of November will each receive a chess sticker. (Winners will be announced on Wed 2nd December.)

Our last chess club this term will be on Wednesday 16th December.

Please let Miss Mullin know if you would like an account set up for your child. All pupils are welcome to join, and they can learn and play chess whenever suits you.