Trim Trail

Our playground zone this week has been the trim trail. During yesterday’s PE session, we practised using it to help us to create balances (holding them for 6 seconds) before taking turns to complete the whole trail. We had great fun in the afternoon sunshine – but as you can see, it wasn’t all hard work!

Mental agility

P6/7 have been practising their mental arithmetic skills using dice games. (Each pupil has been issued with their own pair of dice for classroom use.) Yesterday, we used one from the school maths pack: Multiplication Bingo. Pupils chose a different times table to practise for each round of the game. P6/7 agreed that they need to keep working on their recall of multiplication facts!

(If you need to replace any items from your maths pack, they are available to buy from the school. Please get in touch with Mrs Laird.)

Euroquiz Highland Heats

Concentrating intently on round 4

Yesterday morning (Thursday 17th) our P7 Euroquiz Team worked hard on all 4 rounds of the Highland Heats. Each round consisted of 15 questions. Topics covered history and geography, languages, current affairs and general knowledge. They did extremely well, especially considering their coaching sessions with Miss Mackenzie stopped in March!

Well done to our P7 team (including our hard-working and encouraging subs and their volunteer coach Miss Mackenzie.)

Emotional Literacy

Since last month, P6/7 have been following the “Emotion Works Recovery Programme.” We have spent time reflecting on our individual likes and dislikes and our various lockdown experiences. This week we had a particular focus on emotional vocabulary (the “orange cog.”) On Wednesday we created our first class word cloud using Mentimeter.

Excuse the spelling errors – but there are some great feeling words in there!

“Emotion Works is an educational programme for emotional learning and literacy. Based around a visually supportive framework for learning and talking about emotions, the goal is to build emotional language and understanding in children and young people to help develop emotional competence and resilience.

The ‘Cog Model’ framework identifies seven categories of emotional knowledge and competence that link together to help show how ‘emotion works’. The links between the different cog categories demonstrate the causal connections between concepts such as emotion triggers, body sensations, emotion behaviours, intensity and regulation strategies.”

More information about Emotion Works can be found via the following link:

Le français

P6/7 have been revising the days of the week in French. We made our own revision card games to share with our shoulder partners in class. Can your daughter/son tell you the days of the week in French at home?

P6/7 have also joined new Duolingo classrooms for French and Gaelic this year.

Three pupils from our class have volunteered to be Languages Ambassadors this year. They’ll teach the rest of the school French and Gaelic phrases at assemblies.

Merci beaucoup and tapadh leibh to all our Languages Ambassadors this year!

Euroquiz update

Euroquiz is an annual project open to all P6 pupils across Scotland, which sees teams of four working together to broaden their knowledge of Europe and the wider world. Subjects covered include languages, history, geography, culture and European affairs. (More details are at:

In March, the Highland heats had to be cancelled. We found out last Thursday that they will go ahead (online) on Thursday 17th September at 10am! Our team, now in P7, are keen to give up some lunchtimes to brush up their knowledge and skills. We wish them the best of luck!

Hopefully this means that Euroquiz will also go ahead in some capacity next March, which would allow our P6s the opportunity to take part. Fingers crossed!


Congratulations to our P7 prefects, who were appointed last Friday.

2020/21 GUPS News

Each year we aim to give our Primary 7 children various leadership opportunities. One of these is through the nomination of school prefects. Our prefects this year will support children’s right to have their views respected; gathering and expressing the views of all the children in the school and helping lead school improvement with the support of Mrs Laird. They are encouraged to model our school’s vision, values and aim and this is reflected in their contributions, behaviour and actions. Each year the prefects are voted in by the P7 children and all staff.

I’d like to congratulate this year’s prefects; Joshua, Felicity, Matthew and Sophie. We look forward to working closely with them.

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P6/7 did a great job collaborating on the Google Slides for last Wednesday’s assembly!

2020/21 GUPS News

Our online assemblies are now going really well and it is super for the classes to all link up together and see each other virtually. Today, we had a reminder of Children’s Rights and that they are for ALL children and are UNIVERSAL. Thank you to P6/7 and Miss Mullin for leading this as their citizenship focus this session.

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P6/7 Class Charter

This week the children have been working hard to reflect on the types of conduct and values they want to promote in class so that all pupils can enjoy their rights. They have whittled their ideas down to nine ‘rules’ and have reflected on which UNCRC articles each one supports.

Today we will all sign our class charter and put it on display in our classroom.

Our class charter is attached below. Let P6/7 know what you think!