Feelings and puberty

Date: Thursday 03/06/2021

In our final lesson in this block, we learned that during puberty sometimes you can have very strong feelings and find it difficult to get on with people. Sometimes you might feel that you are growing up and want to be a bit more independent. It can also mean that you really like someone, have a crush on someone and want to be close to them.

We discussed different emotions (orange cog) and how you may feel them more intensely (grey cog) during puberty. We played a talking game where people shared their triggers (yellow cog) for these different feelings. We looked at negative emotions and which regulation strategies (blue cog) we might use to make ourselves feel better.

We discussed who people could talk to and reminded ourselves about ChildLine.

Children and young people can contact ChildLine whatever their worry, if it’s about themselves or someone they love.

Childline counsellors are there to help. Speak to them by phone, online or email 24 hours a day.

Information and chat online https://www.childline.org.uk/

Phone 0800 1111

You can find out more about these lessons at: https://rshp.scot/second-level/

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