Outdoor PE

P6/7 will have 2 outdoor PE lessons per week, on Monday and Thursday afternoons. The Monday afternoon session will be taught by PE specialist Mr McAndrew, and the Thursday afternoon lesson will be taught by Miss Mullin.

Pupils will be changing in the classroom, so should come to school wearing PE shorts/leggings. They do not need to change their tops. If they can come to school with a warm layer, like a school jumper, that’d be great. Children are welcome to wear jogging bottoms or school trousers over their shorts, if they would like.

As we discovered this afternoon, this term can be showery! A light waterproof is advisable.

In addition to this, P6/7 will also undertake “The Daily Mile” (15 minutes of constant movement) on the other days.

Artificial Grass Photo 148082440 © Serjunco BonDreamstime.com

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