Conflict Resolution Session 2

P6/7 worked with Mrs Laird this afternoon through the second session of four on conflict resolution. The class discussed the positive and negative feelings associated with conflict and how these can result in a win-win, win-lose and lose-lose situations. Mrs Laird was very impressed by the wide variety of orange cog feeling words used by the class and in-depth group discussions. We also looked at strategies for controlling anger.

We then looked specifically at clear communication and how to be a good listener. We practiced the skills of paraphrasing what someone tells us to check our understanding and not judge and also, using ‘I statements’ to explain clearly how we were feeling to someone without being aggressive, judging or being defensive. We drew this together by agreeing what a good listener would sound like, look like and feel like.

Finally, we considered how being a good communicator allows people to be listened to and express their feelings and views fairly. We also looked at various scenarios around conflict and how we can ensure our rights are upheld and we are treated with fairness, dignity and equity.

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