This week P6/7 have spent quite a bit of time working on different aspects of measurement and information handling in their playground zone. They’ve been measuring different distances, heights and times.

P6/7 found Hopscotch very difficult! They had to time themselves completing the grid with their marker on square 1 and then compare that with the time they took when their marker was on square 4. We are going to analyse the results this morning to see if people got quicker with practise or not.

We’ve also been estimating and measuring how long it takes us to walk 5m and 10m, to get an idea of how doubling the distance affects the time taken.

We’ll look at height, stride length and foot size next, to see if they affect running speed.

This week our P7s also made a video about our school to share with P7 pupils from Balnain and Cannich Bridge Primaries as well as staff from Glen Urquhart High School.

The whole class worked on the background research, then the pupils decided which locations to film in. Several P6s were camera operators whilst all the P7s shared the presenting. They have all done a super job! The video has been shared on our Google Classroom – we hope you enjoy watching it!

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