Term 3 Week 4 Learning grid

Good morning P6/7 pupils and families,

Here are the learning tasks for this week:

This is also posted in the P6/7 Google Classroom. You will notice a few changes there this week, as the pupils voted to organise it by subject, rather than by the days of the week. I’ve underlined the subject heading in the learning grid, so you know which bit to go to in the Classwork section of Google Classroom.

It is also worth noting that this Thursday will be our last traditional music lesson with Sandra MacLeod, as it’s our final session in this block of 4. Sandra is asking for each of the children to write one letter, A-G, on a piece of paper so that they can hold it up to camera during her Google Meet on Thursday afternoon. This way, the class will “compose” a tune that she’ll play on her piano for us!

Next week, there will be a change of focus in the Google Meets. The focus will turn to “live” small group sessions of numeracy and maths. (Literacy lessons will be pre-recorded instead.) On Friday I’ll send out GMails so everyone knows when their turn will be. If online learning continues, this will become a weekly swap, so that there is a balance of pre-recorded and live lessons for literacy and numeracy over each fortnight.

The whole class Google Meet on a Monday morning will remain unchanged – I look forward to seeing P6/7 there at 11.30am!

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