11th – 15th January 2021

Happy New Year P6/7 pupils and families!

I have posted a weekly learning grid on Google Classroom, as well as a list of suggestions for those who are looking for more to do.

Each Monday I will host a Google Meet on our Google Classroom at 11.30am. This will allow the pupils to ask any questions about the tasks for the week as well as having an emotional check-in. (I know that not everyone will be able to attend.) You can also email me with any questions: kirstine.mullin@glenurquharthigh.org.uk

If possible, please can pupils register on Google Classroom by 11am? (before I start Google Meets)

You will notice that there is a mixture of online and offline tasks. These can be done in any order that suit you. P6/7 pupils were sent home with a maths textbook, a lined jotter and some blank and squared paper in preparation for learning at home this month. Each family should also have a maths pack which includes some dice and a pack of playing cards. Please let me know if you need replacements!

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