P6/7 Christmas Poem

P6/7 have discussed how different this Christmas will be and have created a chain poem about caring at Christmas. They have given quite a serious performance – we hope you enjoy it. Apologies for the sound quality, it is very quiet, especially at the beginning. Their poem is below the video link.

“A Caring Christmas”

by P6/7

This Christmas I am looking forward to…

Seeing my family,

around one table,

Christmas dinner:

The turkey,

Pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and stuffing,

I am grateful for…

Having a family to spend Christmas with,

Having a nice, warm home,

A nice warm fire,

My family spending time with me,

I can show my family I care by…

Offering to help with things like setting the table,

Complimenting them,

Spending more time with them,

Writing thank you letters or Saying thank you,

Making them something nice,

I can show others I care by…

Helping them out,

Offering them something I don’t need anymore,

or smiling,

I can care for the planet by…

Reducing, reusing and recycling:

Reducing the amount of glitter we use and reusing Christmas cards as gift tags next year,

and recycling wrapping paper.

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