Outdoor Art!

Miss Brown led an excellent session in Craigmonie Woodland this morning. We started with 2 games linking science with listening skills: “Bats and Moths” and “Parents and chicks.” Can your child explain the rules of each game? Can you guess who were the bats and who were the moths?

Having looked at some of Andy Goldsworthy’s artwork before we left the classroom, P6/7 pupils worked in pairs or trios to gather a range of natural materials for their art and design pieces. They then chose a location for their piece and set to work!

After about 20 minutes, they had created 7 very different pieces. Can you make out what they are? In no particular order, we had model bridges and walls, a deer, a man walking through woodland, a house, a night sky and a sunflower.

A very creative morning!

We’ll return to the woodland on Tuesday 8th December.

#creativity #outdoorlearning #LfS #nature

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