Woodland activities

Yesterday afternoon whizzed by in the woods!

After a brisk walk, we played a version of Hide and Seek called “Flood, Freeze, Camouflage!” Then we identified the different types of trees by looking at their leaves.

We found several oak trees that we estimated to be very old. We worked in pairs with measuring tapes to try to measure their circumferences, but we soon found that our measuring tapes were too short, so we had to combine forces.

On Thursday, we’ll use a division formula to work out a more accurate estimate of their ages. You can find out more about the maths this activity is based on at the link below: https://www.owlscotland.org/images/uploads/resources/files/measuringtrees2.pdf

We met some local people out on their health walk. One gentleman explained that there is a tree with an incredibly thick tree trunk a bit further into the woods.

Can you find any old, or even ancient trees, in the area where you live? Click on the link below to find out more about ancient trees.


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