Emotional Literacy

Since last month, P6/7 have been following the “Emotion Works Recovery Programme.” We have spent time reflecting on our individual likes and dislikes and our various lockdown experiences. This week we had a particular focus on emotional vocabulary (the “orange cog.”) On Wednesday we created our first class word cloud using Mentimeter.

Excuse the spelling errors – but there are some great feeling words in there!

“Emotion Works is an educational programme for emotional learning and literacy. Based around a visually supportive framework for learning and talking about emotions, the goal is to build emotional language and understanding in children and young people to help develop emotional competence and resilience.

The ‘Cog Model’ framework identifies seven categories of emotional knowledge and competence that link together to help show how ‘emotion works’. The links between the different cog categories demonstrate the causal connections between concepts such as emotion triggers, body sensations, emotion behaviours, intensity and regulation strategies.”

More information about Emotion Works can be found via the following link:

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